Good bye to My old journey - Hello to something new!

I wanted to address my exploration with enamels and fibers.  I have officially decided to move both of these media into a 'back burner' in my studio.  although I have been enameling since I was 16, I have come to the place in this journey to place this medium on pause.  I might continue to explore enamels and weaving, but they will be for my private collection. My plan is to create of book with images and artist statements to selected enamels. Enamels have been a huge part of my life as an artist.  As for my weaving, I will continue to explore this as a private endeavor.  As an artist, I believe it is wonderful to explore various media, but I am also developing an appreciation for focusing on one medium or at most 2 related media. My new focus will be exploring color pencil.  I am finding that this is a quite a challenge that I did not expect, but am amazingly intrigued with the many properties and potentials of color pencil.  More importantly, color pencil will allow me to express the many ideas that are emerging within my soul!  I am drawn to figurative work, as well as animals.  It seems that the passing of my beloved Bailey has caused me to explore pet portraits, but working at a Kulis Freeze Dry in Bedford, Ohio, I started to find myself drawn to wildlife. Let's see where this journey will bring me!!