Jeanne Henderson
Commissions in Color Pencil and Mixed media

Brecksville, Ohio

Basic Price List
This price list is based on a special formula which included variables that can be tweaked for a specific commission.  The following are general or a basic price list.

         6” X 8”   $95  - $125                *Deposit optional $25. [one subject only - face only]

8” X 10”      $225  - $315          *Deposit     $50. [one subject - [human] face only]

11” x 14”    starting at $490           *Deposit    $200 - [up to 2 [human] faces only]

16” X 20”   starting at  $880           *Deposit    $350

20” X 24”   starting at  $1245            *Deposit    $500

Prices included with color pencil or black and white [pencil] come with a mat and plastic sleeve.

Work on standard canvas are priced unframed.

You may order prints and framing from a special link or by request when available.

Your photo/s must be approved for legal release and clarity.

Payment Plans and Gift Certificates are available

*Deposit due upon acceptance of your photo, contract and signed release.

You will be updated with in-progress photos via email, however it would be best to schedule at least one meeting to view your commission in person before it is completed to discuss any concerns and finishing touches.  My goal is that you will be please with the completed project in a timely manner.  Many hours will go into the sketching, practicing and the final version.  

I prefer to meet in person, but we can prepare the contract via email.  I will need to gather information from you before I start and I will need you to sign the contract to benefit both of us as we embark on the exciting journey together!!  

*Drawing includes preliminary sketches, practice sketches which then lead to the completed drawing in color pencil or mixed media. Sometimes Color Pencil can also be referred to as a painting.  'Drawing only' simply means only the completed drawing or painting without a frame.  Also not included in the pricing are taxes and shipping costs.
I will also share the formula used to calculate your final quote.


Request for a quote for a commissioned portrait or other art work


Please keep in mind that prices vary from the basic price list.

Name _______________________________________Date __________

Address ________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________State ___________ Zip code _____________

Phone H_________________________________ C____________________________

Email __________________________________________________________________

I would like a portrait of ___________________________________________________

number of persons &/or pets ___________     Background ___or no Background ___

Size __________________Details __________________________________________

I understand this is a request for a quoted price for a commissioned work.  If accepted you will need to submit an approved and a signed release for a photo as well as a deposit to enable the commission to be assigned on the schedule for production.

Signature ______________________________________________________________












Basic Formula to calculate a quote for a commissioned portrait or other artwork.

Size of work is calculated by multiplying L x W divided by 2 in order to isolate each 2”x2” area giving a total number of areas.
Example - 8”x10” divide by 2 = 4 x 5 = 20 total areas [TA]

A= Blank or mostly blank
B= light detail  
C= Moderate detail
D= Detailed
E= Extra Fine Detail

Each area is assigned A thru E as indicated above for detail.
Each area is then assigned an estimated time to complete based on each 2”x2” area [% of detail]
A = free space B= about 15 minutes per 2”x2” areaC= about 30 minutes per 2”x2” area…
$20 an hour
15 minutes = $15    30 minutes = $20    45 minutes = $25    60 minutes = $30 [$]
*Example quote for an 8x10 below

detail- % of detail- TA    [x$]      $

detail        % of detail          TA              [x $]             =$

A                   10%                2                   0                 $0

B                   30%               6                   $15             $30

C                   20%              4                   $20             $80

D                   35%              7                    $25            $175

E                     5%               1                     $30            $30

TOTAL        100%             20                                    from  $195 - $315


Estimated hours to complete this work - 10-20 hours. Quote is nearly an estimate.  I will be more specific once I see the references, medium and size of the project.

This does not include the hours of pre-sketching vignettes or practicing which can take many hours as well. I am not including the the time it would take to make corrections, if needed. I believe this is a very fair way to determine a price and allow a commission to be affordable  and take the mystery out of the concept of pricing.  At this time, I will use this same formula for oil, however oils can be a bit more involved and the canvas will need to be treated 6 months to a year after it is completed, with damar varnish.  With this last step, a remarkable new depth will become evident and the stability and life of the painting will be extended. Standard canvasses are included in this pricing, any custom sizes will be subject to an additional fee.