basic drawing

We will begin with getting familiar with how to hold and use a variety of pencils and other drawing media. We will look at ways to draw accurately as well as expressively. We will also look at what sets a drawing apart to become fine art, explore Art History and Aesthetics; how to look at Fine Art. Yes, you can draw!! We need to find your style also called your hand.


Painting is an advanced class because it is best to begin with drawing. We can explore color pencil, pastel, encaustic, watercolor, acrylic and oil. There are many ways to pursue painting. There are many styles, genre, techniques etc. We will need to explore color theory, media, Art History and Aesthetics. We will first have a discussion to explore a particular path. We can begin with a classical approach or an experimental approach. Can’t decide? We can explore both approaches to see what works best for you and put you on a path of the joy of painting!

fiber & metals

This class is also an advanced class. You will need some lessons in design and drawing. Once you know what area you would like to explore, we can begin with some smaller practice projects until you feel you would like to take on a project of your own. Fine Crafts can include several media. Fibers can include batik, silk painting, weaving, macrame, wrapping, appliqué and mixed media. Metals can include some forms of jewelry making, stain glass [copper method] and enameling.